Exposing trangendered hate speech against radical feminists

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Hate Speech in Comment Box

I don’t normally allow comments. The comment box is there simply for readers to post details of threats and a link, so that I can repost it on the blog. However, I did get 1 comment that I have allowed which is reposted below.

“Here’s an example of Radscum hatespeech: Fuck YOU you offensive bitch!”

Perhaps not that bright to leave a comment that is an example of hate speech, on a blog, set up specifically to document hate speech?

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Yet more hate speech aimed at Cathy Brennan

Yet more hate speech aimed at Cathy Brennan, this time on her Facebook page.!/photo.php?fbid=281327585312530&set=a.164319790346644.28942.100003058722942&type=1

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“I just literally want to kill you”


“Seriously, Cathy Brennan can eat shit.”




“If I ever hear anyone say the term “male to trans” or “M2T” irl I will punch them in the face.””


“i am a cisgender female and i just literally want to kill you because you are so ignorant and hypocritical like you should literally die”


“Anonymous asked: you should get hit by a car for not accepting people for who they are. I’d fucking spit on you if I knew you.”

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Hate speech on comments in cherry blossom’s blog

Below are examples of hate speech taken from comments from one post on Cherry Blossom’s excellent blog. All of the comments are directed at those who are Transcritical by either Transsexuals or their allies. To read the original post and comments follow the link below.

One delightful poster posts all of the hate speech below, on the comments to this one thread.

“most cisgender women hate cunts like you as well. You forget what feminism stands for. You go straight to being sexist. Fuck yourself with a cactus in the ass.”

“If you can’t understand that, go die.”

“Also you are a cunt dyke, and should go die. Seriously. Kill yourself.”

Louise Edwards then adds: “until u get it then just die in a fire..”

Just goes to show that death threats are “really rare” against anyone who criticises theories of Transexualism??

Please let me know of any examples of hate speech by posting a comment – with links so I can verify their accuracy. I won’t however be publishing any comments on this blog

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There is much discussion in the Transcritical and Transgender blogosphere accusing each side of being abusive and even issuing death threats. This blog is to record those. For the record, I routinely read Transgender people and their allies threatening Transcritical people on the internet and I rarely see the reverse. But I will post any threats from either side here.

However, I want to be clear what I mean by a threat or abuse. Saying I don’t think you are really a woman or man even though you say you are, is not abusive or threatening behaviour. Saying I hope you get raped or killed is.

If you send me threats to post here you must provide a link to the original post or comments so that I can check they actually exist. Thanks.