Exposing trangendered hate speech against radical feminists

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On the site gender trender, one commenter says

“Fuck off and diaf Says:
October 8, 2012 at 11:58 pm

Fuck all you bigoted cunts on this hate speech infested shithole of a site.”

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Die In A Fire

One of the threats used against Radical Feminists by Transactivists and their allies is, I want you to “Die in a Fire” or DIAF. This is a threat that is all over the blogosphere.

“They can die in a fire, and make it a fire made of living knives that are also made of fire.”

 “You can call me mysoginist or watever, but until u get it then just die in a fire..”

“Trans-exclusionary radical feminists need to just go DIAF….You’re horrible, hateful people. Fuck you. Just drop off the face of the fucking planet already.”

Please let me know of any examples of hate speech by posting a comment – with links so I can verify their accuracy. I won’t however be publishing any comments on this blog