Exposing trangendered hate speech against radical feminists

Cathy Brennan – Part Two

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As I previously said, well known Radical Feminists attract lots of threats and hate speech online. The following comments have all been made about Cathy Brennan on tumblr.

On a tumblr page with the heading “Die Cis Scum” the following threats have been made.

“Yes that scummy thing is a child but then someone needs to lookafter it & tell it to keep its childish hateful mouth shut! & Yes, I say “it & thing” cause that thing aint human!”

The tags on this post include “Die RadScum Die!” and “scum are not people”.

Another Tumblr page has this to say about Cathy Brennan. ” This bitch is a middle-aged “feminist” (suck my cunt this bitch is farthest from it).”

One poster on Tumblr posts a whole post consisting of “Cathy Brennan is a cunt. that is all.” One of the tags to this post is “seriously drop dead you cissexist fuck.”

Please let me know of any examples of hate speech by posting a comment – with links so I can verify their accuracy. I won’t however be publishing any comments on this blog.


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