Exposing trangendered hate speech against radical feminists

Hate speech on tumblr post

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More threats and hate speech directed at RadFems, this time by a partner of a Transsexual.

“Reblogging for the commentary and to give a big FUCK YOU to the OP…… So, OP, shut your fucking mouth, stop acting like a fucking douchebag and listen. Oh, and a big old apology would be great, too.

Guess what, motherfucker? My partner identifies as male and gets a fucking period. Guess what else, motherfucker? Some women have cocks and that’s none of your fucking business. And guess what the fuck else, motherfucker? GO FUCK YOURSELF.


Please let me know of any examples of hate speech by posting a comment – with links so I can verify their accuracy. I won’t however be publishing any comments on this blog.


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