Exposing trangendered hate speech against radical feminists

Die Cis Scum

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This is a phrase that is all over the blogosphere. It appears to have originated in a guest post on a blog and is written by a Trans FtoT who also has a tattoo with these words. The anonymous guest poster is quite clear that the phrase is “not ironic. It’s not cute. It is a threat…Die cis scum. It is hostile. It’s aggression, on my part.”

He then adds “If you are cis, do my tattoo and jacket make you feel uncomfortable? I can only hope so.” And justifies this by pointing out that he is afraid of cis people because of previous attacks.

The comments section is interesting with one commenter who posts a supportive but slightly critical post being told by Asher who writes the blog, but did not write this guest post:

“Furthermore, you’re derailing a conversation about how trans people survive with your “what about the cis peoples??” which is EXACTLY what men do in conversations about women and their survival. Frankly you had no space to talk here in the first place, regardless of how “respectful” (dismissive) your comment was.”

To read this and more follow the link below.

Please let me know of any examples of hate speech by posting a comment – with links so I can verify their accuracy. I won’t however be publishing any comments on this blog



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