Exposing trangendered hate speech against radical feminists

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More hate speech against cathy brennan

Tumblr in particular, seems to be full of this kind of hate speech.


“Brennan, go fuck yourself with a rusted chainsaw. Better cover it in various toxins too, I hear that those enhance the experience.”

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“Suck my dogs dick”

More hate speech on tumblr.

“You fucking stupid cunts. It’s not my fault I look better than you. Go take up your insecurities with a plastic surgeon. Suck my dogs dick.”

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More Hate Speech aimed at Roseanne

The comment below was made on a tumblr blog and is aimed at Roseanne Barr. Roseanne has publically stood up for women only spaces.


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Hate Speech in Comment Box

I don’t normally allow comments. The comment box is there simply for readers to post details of threats and a link, so that I can repost it on the blog. However, I did get 1 comment that I have allowed which is reposted below.

“Here’s an example of Radscum hatespeech: Fuck YOU you offensive bitch!”

Perhaps not that bright to leave a comment that is an example of hate speech, on a blog, set up specifically to document hate speech?

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Roseanne Barr – Victim of Offensive Tweets

Roseanne Barr stood up for women’s only spaces and has faced a barrage of offensive tweets from trans people and their allies. These 3 tweets have been screenshot and posted on the tumblr below.

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Shane Shannon tweets hate speech at Cathy Brennan

Shane tweets the following speech tagged for Cathy Brennan.

“My mum said, “tell that bitch to fuck off and block it, stupid twat.”

“mfao die a virgin and save us all a lot of hassle but PLEASE DEAR GOD do NOT let yourself reproduce!”

“Im sorry that urs is firmly sealed shut by years of crusted vaginal juices. U might need a chisel if u ever happen to get lucky.”

Shane then tweets to another friend:

“I know like its so stupid the government tell us whether we can say nigger or not people should get over it ;)”

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More threats from Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous

Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous has already threatened Cathy Brennan on her facebook wall. Here is the latest threat that Dextrous posted on Cathy Brennan’s blog.

“we can just keep flooding the officials with her sordid rants till she is silenced for good . oh n hope you really do get lynched by the trans community at the next gay rights rally you attend ! butter wouldn’t melt your not that innocent cathy you will reach a demise n your battle is n will always be worthless ! xxxx kiss kiss”!/iambugbrennan/posts/309181785856277?comment_id=1640018&notif_t=comment_mention

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Yet more hate speech aimed at Cathy Brennan

Yet more hate speech aimed at Cathy Brennan, this time on her Facebook page.!/photo.php?fbid=281327585312530&set=a.164319790346644.28942.100003058722942&type=1

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Very nasty veiled threat

On one blog posters were discussing a man who had been living as a woman for 3 years, who still had his penis. He was being allowed to use a locker room and communal showers that teenage girls from a swim team usually used at the same time. In reply to a Radical Feminists comment, one transactivist supporter left the following chilling comment.
Ashland Avenue Says:

October 9, 2012 at 8:36 pm

“Rhombus, sweetie, trust me: you don’t want to know what I dream of happening to you. You. just. don’t.”